Telegram Comes With Paid Subscription

Messaging service Telegram now has 700 million monthly active users and is therefore also looking for a way to make money.


The new subscription feature is a “premium” version of Telegram, which gives you additional settings. How much such a subscription cost has not yet been released, but it seems that it will be about 5 euros per month. For example, the new features include the ability to send files up to 4 GB, while it is 2 GB for free users.

You will also be able to follow more channels, up to a thousand instead of the current 500. Premium users can create four accounts in the app and also get ‘chat folders’ in which they can store up to 200 chats per folder.

It, therefore, seems in the first place to be a function that should primarily appeal to business users and companies with a strong social media arm. Telegram is also one of the first chat apps to come with a premium subscription. Competitors such as Signal, WhatsApp and other messaging services have not yet dared to take that step.

The subscription feature isn’t Telegram’s first attempt at cashing in. Previously, Pavel Durov’s company, originally from Russia but currently headquartered in Dubai, already tried to build a blockchain token platform. However, this ran into a wall of technical and legal problems.

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