Target Has Just Launched a Plus-Sized Activewear Line


Good news for both sports fans and casual athletes alike: Target has recently launched its own activewear line aiming to bring inclusivity into the world of athleisure.

While the fashion industry is built around constant evolution and change, the dominance of athleisure has remained constant in recent years. This holds especially true as we’re still in the bright beginnings of this new year (and even decade), which means that people are looking to incorporate fitness into their everyday lives. Of course, athleisure is also meant to be ridiculously comfy — it’s no surprise that many are even wearing athleisure as part of their day-to-day ensemble.

Inside Target’s new line

According to ABC’s report, Target’s “All in Motion” line came about after surveying over 15,000 customers who lamented the lack of inclusive, high-quality athletic wear. Staying true to the line’s commitment of “quality, sustainability, and inclusivity,” the line features extended sizes for men, women, and even kids. While the face of body positivity has been largely feminised, it’s important to remember that true inclusivity encompasses everyone.

In true Target fashion, the line debuted with over 350 items and was made up of athletic essentials like workout sets, cover-ups, and yoga pants. Aside from a fun and relatable ad campaign, Target also decided to feature mannequins of all sizes in order to display this new collection. With Glamour emphasising that plus-sized mannequins should be an industry standard, it’s refreshing to see that Target’s commitment to fitness for all isn’t just a fancy marketing slogan.

These items were made for even the sweatiest workouts in mind. In line with customer feedback, the clothes incorporate features such as odour control, sweat-wicking fabric, and adjustable bra hooks and straps for women.

The changing face of fashion

For all its popularity, many athleisure brands still remain locked onto the image of an ‘ideal’ body. Both large brands and small boutiques tend to produce clothes in straight sizes, thus inherently going against the idea that fitness should be for all. This makes the “All in Motion” collection an important first step into inclusivity across all kinds of fashion brands.

That said, it’s also important to know that Target isn’t alone in championing this cause. In fact, this new collection is indicative of fashion’s overall move towards body-positivity. Woman Within’s collection of dresses come in extensive sizes and were made to suit women of all body types and sizes, thus ensuring that every woman looks good both in and out of the gym. These fashion brands are breathing new life into tired body standards in order to prove that fashion is truly for everyone. Other brands include Universal Standard, as well as Gap’s Old Navy. ASOS has also been offering its garments in a whole range of sizes for years before inclusivity became the norm.

Here at GOK News we are always on the lookout for new fashion trends and topics. Thankfully, it looks like the new trends are changing the fashion industry on a fundamental level.

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