Switzerland and EU Recognize Each Other’s Corona Travel Certificate

Travellers from the European Union can also use their corona certificate in Switzerland from Friday. Switzerland is the first new ‘foreign country’ to have recognized the certificate. The EU, in turn, recognizes the Swiss equivalent.


Since last week, EU citizens can already use the ‘pass’, which works with a QR code, throughout the EU. Only Ireland is not there yet. The European Commission is still discussing the recognition of the certificate with the United Kingdom and the United States.

With the certificate, holidaymakers and other travellers can demonstrate that they have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, have recently tested negative or have been protected by previous exposure to the disease.

This way, they escape quarantine, for example. The country of arrival can only fall back on such measures if, for example, a new virus variant is dangerously spreading in the EU country of departure.

In addition to the EU countries, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein have also been involved from the start. This is because they are part of the common European area for people and goods.

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