Strike Shuts Down British Rail, Union Hints at More Actions

British rail is largely flat for the second day this week. Tens of thousands of employees have resigned due to dissatisfaction with the lack of an agreement on, among other things, extra pay.


Mick Lynch of the RMT union warns that new actions will follow if no agreement is reached with employers on improved working conditions.

“We will continue to talk to the companies about everything that has been put on the table and we will see if and when we need a new phase of industrial action,” Lynch told the BBC. “But if we don’t agree, there’s a good chance it will.”

Tuesday was also a day of strike and train traffic was also largely paralyzed. New promotions will follow on Saturday. The government has criticized the strikes, calling them counterproductive and highly damaging to low-income people who rely on public transport and are unable to work from home.

British ministers will meet later today to discuss a plan to make it easier for companies to deploy temporary staff to reduce the impact of strikes.

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