Seventeen Migrants Intercepted on the Channel, Including Five Children and A Baby

On Saturday morning, several boats with migrants were again intercepted on the Channel between France and England trying to reach the United Kingdom.


At 5 kilometres from Calais, seventeen migrants, including five children and one baby, had to be rescued by the French shipping police. British media reported that at least three boats could reach the British coast.

The corona pandemic does not deter migrants seeking a better life in the UK. Last week, as many as 150 people attempting to make the dangerous crossing in small boats were intercepted by British police, Daily Express reported.

On Saturday morning at about 7.30 am, the emergency centre Gris-Nez (CROSS) received a call from a pleasure yacht that a boat had broken down on the high seas.

They were rescued by the French shipping police and docked at the port of Calais around 10:00.

There they were met by the border police and the fire brigade. According to the local newspaper Voix du Nord, the children showed signs of hypothermia.

Three boats with migrants did manage to reach British waters on Saturday morning, where they were intercepted by the coastal police, Daily Express reports.

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