Seven Killed on Resort Philippines Air Ambulance Crash Near Manila

At least seven people were killed in an ambulance flight crash in an area with many resorts near the Philippine capital Manila. Their bodies are salvaged.


The local emergency services assume that the aircraft’s eighth passenger was killed in the crash in Calamba City. The identity of the victims has yet to be determined.

According to the Philippine aviation authorities, six passengers and two pilots were on the plane that had to rush a life-threatening patient from the city of Dipolog to Manila.

The aircraft disappeared from the radar some 46 kilometres from Manila. Images from local media show that a building in a resort complex in Pansol, a village in the province of Laguna, was destroyed.

The plane crashed on the building. According to the police, two people were injured on the ground and taken to the hospital.

Experts research the location where the aircraft drilled itself in the holiday villa.

Eyewitnesses report that the device made a lot of noise and was already on fire before it crashed. “The low-flying aircraft was quite noisy and lost altitude remarkably quickly,” an eyewitness told CNN News.

Another: After the fall, the pilot tried to raise the plane again. It worked. The device disappeared in the clouds for a moment. Then it zigzagged down and exploded.

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