Second Suspect Arrested for Disappearance of Journalist in Amazon

Brazilian police have arrested a second man for involvement in the disappearance of British journalist Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira, an expert on Brazil’s indigenous peoples.


According to Brazilian media, it is the brother of the previously arrested suspect in the missing person case.

Police also seized firearms cartridges and an oar but did not release any further information. The second suspect has been identified as Oseney da Costa Oliveira. He is 41 years old, as is the prime suspect and fisherman Amarildo da Costa Oliveira.

The fisherman, also known as Pelado, went after Phillips and Pereira’s boat at high speed, according to witnesses. Traces of blood were found on his boat, which is being investigated. The man was arrested on June 7, two days after the disappearance of the man. He denies any involvement.

In the search, items belonging to the Phillips and Pereira were found. Presumably, human remains have also been found. An investigation has yet to determine whether these are the missing men. Confusion arose Monday after Phillip’s wife said she had heard from a Brazilian diplomat in London that two bodies had been found. The find contradicted Brazil.

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