Samsung Continues to Believe in it: Foldable Smartphones are the Future

Samsung will be investing heavily in foldable smartphones in the coming months. These phones will soon break through to a broader audience, thinks the South Korean tech giant. He will conduct a significant promotional campaign for this from August 11.


On that day, Samsung will also unveil its latest generation of high-end models of this type of smartphone.

During the event on August 11, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (foldable) and Flip 3 (a so-called flip phone) are expected to be introduced. It is already the third version of these phones, which are becoming more important for Samsung now that the company has decided not to release a new Galaxy Note for the time being.

The price of the foldable device remains a delicate point. The current Fold 2 costs about 1,600 euros, which is very expensive even for a high-end smartphone. However, Samsung believes foldable phones will be a hit. According to the company, they will start contributing to profitability from the second half of the year.

The foldable phone sector is becoming increasingly competitive, as brands such as Motorola, Huawei and Xiaomi are also targeting a slice of the pie. However, Samsung is determined to consolidate its position “with the release of a premium range, but also cheaper devices in the third quarter,” said James Kang of Euromonitor International.

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