Russia Appreciates China’s Balanced Position on Ukraine


Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised Chinese leader Xi Jinping for the country’s “balanced position” vis-à-vis Ukraine.


The Russians support the Chinese in the policy that there is only one China and Taiwan is, therefore, part of it. Putin told Xi that Moscow also opposes “provocations” in the Taiwan Strait.

Both heads of state met in Uzbekistan. They attend a two-day Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SSO) summit in Samarkand. It was their first face-to-face meeting since Russia invaded Ukraine in February.

Putin appreciates Xi’s stance on the war in Ukraine but also understands that Beijing had “questions and concerns” about the conflict. China has neither condemned nor called the Russian operation in Ukraine an invasion to the balanced position of our Chinese friends when it comes to the crisis in Ukraine,” Putin said. “We understand your questions and concerns about this. We will, of course, explain our position at today’s meeting.”

The Russian leader supports China in its stance on Taiwan. “We intend to stick to the ‘One China’ principle,” Putin said. “We condemn provocations by the United States in the Taiwan Strait.”

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