Putin’s Supporter on Board at Russian Google

Aleksej Kudrin, a Russian President Vladimir Putin supporter, has been given an important position at the Russian technology company Yandex.


Yandex is considered the ‘Russian Google’. The company developed the main Russian search portal but is also active in e-commerce and taxi services. On Monday, Aleksey Koedrin announced via social media that he would become a Yandex counsellor.

Kudrin is a former finance minister and is considered a supporter of Putin. He must help steer the company’s long-term development in the right direction.

The technology sector in Russia has been hit hard by Western sanctions imposed after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Moscow attaches great importance to the sector, and the appointment of Alexei Kudrin is seen as strengthening the Kremlin’s grip on the sector.

However, Koedrin assured that he would maintain the company’s independence.

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