Privacy-Friendly Browser DuckDuckGo Now Also for the Mac

You may know DuckDuckGo as the search engine that values user privacy. But the search engine also has its own browser. After the versions for iPhone, iPad and Android, it is now also available for Mac users. However, there is still a waiting list in the beta phase.


DuckDuckGo is a search engine that does not store search queries, results or other privacy-sensitive user information. You use the machine via the website of the same name, an extension for Chrome or Safari, for example, or via the full-fledged DuckDuckGo browser.

DuckDuckGo has now been downloaded more than 150 million times for smartphones and tablets. The brand-new version for macOS offers a “powerful tracker-blocker” and other features from the mobile app, such as email protection and website encryption (by choosing the https protocol by default), according to the makers. As a user, you will also see cookie windows (yes/disagree) about fifty percent less often, which saves you a lot of time during surfing trips.

The developers further claim that DuckDuckGo for Mac is lightning fast, partly because it uses the rendering engine baked into macOS (which is also used by Safari). As a result, and unlike all other browsers, it sounds like DuckDuckGo blocks prying trackers before they even load. “This makes our browser not only faster than Chrome, but the program also uses about sixty percent less data,” it reads.

The new browser is not yet available to everyone. However, those interested in DuckDuckGo for Mac can, if desired, be placed on a waiting list (more information about this can be found here). They will then receive an invitation code in due course to activate the browser on their Mac.

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