Prime Minister Johnson Wants Investigation into Islamic Minister’s Resignation

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered an investigation into the resignation of a Muslim party member. Former Deputy Transport Minister Nusrat Ghani claims her religion was seen as a problem.


The 49-year-old politician became deputy minister in 2018 and was replaced more than two years later. Ghani told the Sunday Times newspaper that she was told that her faith was “brought up as a problem” and that “colleagues felt uncomfortable”.

The statements are said to have been made by a so-called government whip, someone who has to ensure that parliamentarians stay in line. Whip Mark Spencer denies the allegations. “I never used those words that are attributed to me.”

Johnson’s office said Monday that the prime minister had requested an investigation into the “severe” allegations. On Sunday, it was announced that Johnson had spoken to Ghani about the allegations in July 2020. He then advised her to make a formal complaint to the Conservative Party, but she had not done so.

Ghani’s statements come shortly after another party member announced that he would go to the police because of whips who would try to blackmail MPs. They would try to change their minds about politicians who want Johnson to resign because of parties and drinks during the lockdown.

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