Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Seems to be Heading for A Big Victory in New Zealand

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her ruling Labor Party appear to be heading for a significant victory in the New Zealand elections.


After counting more than 50 percent of the votes, Labor leads with 49.7 percent of the votes. Opposition National Party follows at a distance with approximately 26 percent of the vote.

Saturday’s elections are a month later than planned. Going to the polls was postponed due to a new outbreak of the coronavirus in the country, but it is now under control.

According to this interim result, the popular Ardern and her party would occupy about half of the 120 seats in parliament. She is thus rewarded for, among other things, her successful approach to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Ardern’s current coalition partner New Zealand First is doing less well. According to the first ballot box results, that party with 2.3 percent of the votes does not even seem to reach the 5 percent election threshold.

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