President Trump Steps Down After Bickering With A Journalist

US President Donald Trump said he received a “nasty question” from a CBS journalist at a news conference. That question was about his fight against corona.


“Why do you see testing capacity as a global competition when people die every day,” it said. “Don’t ask me. Just ask China,” Trump responded, prompting a strange discussion.

President Trump restricts press briefings because “media bring fake news” and “journalists ask hostile questions”

Journalist Weijia Jiang who asked the question has Asian roots and was not upset with the president’s answer.

She immediately asked why he specifically said that to her. Trump responded that he “would say that to anyone” and called her question “nasty” (mean or naughty, ed.).

The bickering ruined the atmosphere.

Another journalist tried unsuccessfully to ask a question, but the president ignored her and eventually quit. Trump stopped the question round abruptly.

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