Post US Postpones Cutbacks: Postal Voting is Not Delayed

To avoid delays in postal voting, the U.S. Postal Service is delaying spending cuts until after the Nov. 3 presidential election.


The boss of the postal services thus responds to all the fuss about the planned interventions, which could make voting by mail more difficult.

He says he wants to avoid any possible influence on the handling of the ballot papers.

The verdict comes at a time when several US states were already looking for alternatives because voting by mail is considered an excellent alternative to going to the polls due to the corona crisis.

Especially the Democrats, the rivals of Republican President Trump, are fighting for it.

They, therefore, argue for a multi-billion injection for the dying American postal service, so that the company can process the expected flow of ballots on time.

Trump, on the other hand, fears fraud in postal voting. He would also instead not want extra support for the postal service, a state-owned company that has been struggling with losses for years.

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