PlayStation 5 Will Only be Released in 2020

Sony would like to launch the PlayStation 5 on the market in 2020. Rumors about a new PlayStation game computer in 2018 or 2019 are most likely not correct, according to sources to Kotaku.


The sources emphasize that the target date of 2020 is not fixed. “With such a large project the schedules can change a lot”, one of the initiates tells us.

Many game developers would not yet have been informed about the PlayStation 5. Studios that work on games that will be released in 2019, would focus purely on the PlayStation 4.

The chances would therefore be very small that the game console for 2020 appears, because games must be available are when the device comes out.

Sony released the PlayStation 4 about five years ago. The PlayStation 3 was available for seven years before being followed up.

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