Pfizer: Corona Vaccine is Worth $ 26 Billion

Pharmaceutical Pfizer expects to earn $ 26 billion this year from the sale of the corona vaccine that the company has marketed together with biotech company BioNTech.


That vaccine alone accounts for more than a third of the turnover that the American company expects to achieve this year. However, there are higher research and development costs.

For this year, Pfizer expects to deliver 1.6 billion doses of the corona vaccine. In addition, the company is already negotiating with countries about deals for after this year. For example, they have already been concluded with Israel and Canada, and talks are ongoing with other countries.

Pfizer expects to achieve sales of between $ 70.5 billion and $ 72.5 billion this year. That is more than $ 10 billion higher than the company’s previous expectation. The part of the sales outside the corona vaccine also increased slightly, by 200 million dollars. According to the company, this is because the turnover of other medicines is growing.

In the past period, that growth was 8 percent, with all areas such as cancer treatments and anti-inflammatory drugs selling more.

However, growth was most substantial in the vaccine branch. The first quarter last year for 1.6 billion dollars worth of vaccines was sold; this year, it was almost 4.9 billion dollars. Profits were about $ 4.9 billion, up from $ 3.4 billion last year.

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