Office 2021 will be Released on October 5

The new version of the office software will be released to consumers in October. However, commercial and Long Term Service Channel customers can already download the new Office.


Microsoft writes this on its blog. It is a classic continuous version of the office software, for which you pay once, after which the functions do not change until the next release in a few years. This is in contrast to, for example, Microsoft 365, which works with a subscription formula and gets new updates and functions every so often.

Commercial customers of large companies can try the fixed version from today; for consumers, the launch is set for October 5, the same day that Windows 11 is also rolled out worldwide.

The LTSC version is now also available. Long Term Service Channel (or LTSC) is a specific version of Microsoft’s products that are made for industries and governments that need very stable versions that usually also have to run without network support. Think, for example, of terminals in factories. These customers can therefore receive a classic ‘fixed’ version of Office. It comes without a monthly subscription but also without updates or AI functions in the cloud.

The novelties in Office 2021 include the option for a ‘dark mode’ for all Office apps, a reading mode that should improve concentration called Line Focus and Excel functions such as XLOOKUP and support for dynamic series. Office 2021 would receive five years of support. It has not yet been announced how much the new suite will cost.

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