Nokia 3310 is Coming Back in Market

It is for many people a familiar picture: the rugged, often dark set with silver buttons. Soon you might believe either, because according to rumors Nokia will sell the unit 3310’ again.

Who wouldn’t know the first or second mobile phone in the 2000s?

The Nokia 3310 is without doubt one of the most beloved and solid mobile phone of all time. You could endlessly dropping without being broke down and the battery could come hesitate a week.

Who knows it soon be back in the hands, because according to experts Nokia brings the device back on the market? The Finnish producer, which owns the rights to all Nokia devices, it would later be published this month at the Mobile World Congress.

It would be a modern version of the device, which would go on sale for 59 dollars.!

“The ideal device that has snake games, calling, texting and much more. I think it’s wonderful to have a phone with no apps and continuous contact with the outside world. I hope that Nokia faithful however stays on the 3310 is meant to be.

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