Nearly 60 People Infected with Omicron in 11 EU Countries

So far, infections with the Omicron variant have been reported in at least eleven EU countries. The counter stands at 59 registered infections on Wednesday afternoon. This is reported by the EU health authority ECDC in an update on Wednesday.


According to the authority, sixteen cases have been recorded in the Netherlands, fourteen in Portugal and nine in Germany. In addition, infections have also been reported in Italy and Denmark (4 each time), three in Sweden and Austria, two in Belgium and Spain, one in the Czech Republic and one in the French island of Réunion.

It is not clear whether the ECDC figures relate to results from PCR tests on corona variants or to research into the entire genome. This is still necessary at the moment with the Omicron variant. According to the ECDC, there are further possible cases in the European Economic Area, but they are still under investigation.

The majority of cases counted are related to travel to southern Africa, the ECDC said. So far, no serious illnesses or deaths have been recorded among those infected persons.

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