Much More Reports About Sleep Apnea Devices Philips in the US

The number of reports of incidents with Philips apnea devices has risen sharply to the American medical regulator FDA.


In May, June, and July, 48,000 reports were received. In the previous twelve months, there were still 21,000 incidents. This means that the total number and the speed at which the reports are received seem to be increasing rapidly. However, the Philips spokesperson denies that and emphasizes that the latest figures also contain reports made before May.

The new figures would include 44 cases of people who may have died due to damage caused by Philips equipment. Before that, the FDA had linked 124 more deaths to complaints about sleep apnea devices. However, whether the devices caused the reported deaths and other health complaints has not been established.

The problems at Philips came to light last year. The insulating foam in the appliances could crumble, causing potential health problems for users. As a result, Philips is now conducting a recall. A total of 5.5 million devices need to be replaced.

The matter has already cost the company hundreds of millions of euros, and the costs could easily rise further if large claims from patients follow. Last month it was announced that Philips would also talk to the American Justice about required improvements for its factories in the US.

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