More Than 4 Million Ukrainians Fled to Poland

The number of Ukrainians who have fled to Poland because of the Russian invasion has passed the 4 million mark. The Polish border service announced the milestone on Twitter on Sunday.


It is not possible to say with certainty how many of the refugees are currently in Poland. President Mateusz Morawiecki recently said that about 2 million people are involved. The rest presumably travelled on to other countries or returned to Ukraine.

On Saturday, 28,000 people crossed the border into Ukraine from Poland. In the reverse direction, nearly 25,000 individuals were counted. According to the United Nations, of the nearly 7.4 million people who have left Ukraine since February 24, nearly 2.4 million have returned to their home countries. In some cases, it is a short stay.

The war is now mainly raging in eastern Ukraine, where Russia has been focusing for weeks on capturing the city of Severodonetsk. Since the start of the war on February 24, most Ukrainian refugees have travelled to Poland. This neighbouring country shares a 500-kilometre-long border with Ukraine.

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