More Than 100 Dead in Storms in India and Nepal

More than 100 people have been killed in storms in India and Nepal. In addition, heavy rainfall has caused flooding and landslides in many places.


According to authorities, 85 people have died in India and 31 in Nepal.

Uttarakhand in northern India has been hit hard. At least 46 people have died in the region, and 11 are still missing. There are at least 39 victims of the storm in South Indian Kerala.

Nepal, which is located north of India, has been hit by heavy rainfall for days, just like the neighbouring country. As a result, landslides have killed at least 31 people in the past three days.

It still rains in both countries because of the monsoon, the annual rainy season. Sometimes so many waterfalls at once that rivers overflow their banks. As a result, authorities in both countries expect the death toll to rise.

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