Minister: Sputnik-V 83 Percent Effective Against Delta Variant

According to the Russian authorities, the Russian corona vaccine Sputnik-V protects well against the Delta variant of the coronavirus.


Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said the drug has an effectiveness of about 83 percent against that highly contagious mutant, according to media in Russia.

That percentage is lower than an earlier estimate by the vaccine makers. They stated in June that people vaccinated with Sputnik-V are 90 percent protected against infection with the Delta variant. Murashko said he is basing himself on the most recent research results.

According to the minister, vaccinated people are 95 percent protected against a severe disease course if they become infected with the variant.

In Russia, with a population of approximately 144 million, several corona vaccines were developed during the pandemic, including Sputnik-V. That vaccine is also supplied to many other countries.

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