Microsoft Warns of Data Loss, But Patch Slows Down System

Devices on Windows 11 or Windows Server 2022 with recently supported processors may have experienced data loss in recent months. But the solution made your system slower.


Those who are fully up to date with the latest patches should not experience any problems in the meantime. The problem has been known to Microsoft for a while. Still, the company is only now communicating about it, relatively discreetly, in two knowledge base articles about the patches in question. The Register noted those passages.

The origin of the problem lies with the new Vector Advanced Encryption Standard (VAES), an instruction set that Microsoft discovered can sometimes cause data corruption on Windows 11 and Server 2022.

That was first addressed in a May 24 patch preview and a general security patch on June 14. But that then caused performance issues in the read/write speed of writes, especially for enterprise customers or those who use BitLocker or TLS (specifically load balancers). In general, these are actions based on the AES encryption standard that can be up to two times slower as a result. However, performance issues are not common to everyone.

That was subsequently adjusted in the new patch preview of June 23 and in the general security patch of July 12. However, The Register notes that this also caused problems. For example, those who installed the patch preview could, in some cases, no longer use the start menu.

In short, both issues should be resolved today if your device has been updated to the June 23 preview update or installed the July 12 final update. But those who had performance problems at the beginning of this summer may have found a cause.

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