Microsoft Celebrates Xbox’s Birthday With Halo Infinite Free Multiplayer

The multiplayer of the game Halo Infinite was released earlier than expected and has been free to play since this week for anyone with a (recent) Xbox or PC. Thus, Microsoft is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its first Xbox console and the first edition of Halo.


Microsoft and 343 Industries would normally not release Halo Infinite until December 8. The complete game, including the single-player campaign, will still be released on that date, but enthusiasts can already get started with the multiplayer edition. Of course, this requires a decent Windows PC or a recent Xbox One, Series X or Series S console.

It is still a beta version of the free-to-play Infinite multiplayer, which can be read on the game’s blog, but according to the developers, it marks the start of Halo Infinite Season 1. The multiplayer may still have some flaws but offers immediate access to ‘all day-one maps and modes, and the Full Season 1 Battle Pass’. Your game progress will also be neatly transferred to the full version, should you decide to purchase it soon.

‘Earlier than expected’ is not entirely correct because due to the corona pandemic, Microsoft decided to postpone the new shooter for a long time in the summer of 2020. Halo Infinit was originally intended to be on the market before the holiday season of 2020, but that has become a year later due to circumstances.

Halo Infinite is now the seventeenth game in the franchise. The first version from 2001 is seen as a groundbreaking shooting game.

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