Melbourne is Slowly Reopening After Months of Lockdown

The Australian state of Victoria, the continent’s economic engine, will begin at midnight on Monday to slowly ease the lockdown measures that have been in place for months.


People can play golf and tennis again, can go to the hairdresser and be released from the strict regime that lasted more than 100 days in two periods in the spring and autumn.

The 5 million inhabitants of the capital Melbourne had to stay at home as much as possible from March to May and from August to October.

They are again allowed to stay within a maximum radius of 25 kilometres from their home and are no longer bound by the limit of 2 hours to exercise outside. A maximum of ten people from two households is also allowed to come together in the open air.

After November 1, the cafes and restaurants will also open, as will the non-essential shops. Outside Melbourne, where there were fewer infections, the measures have already been partially lifted.

In Victoria, 816 people have died from Covid-19, more than 90 percent of all corona victims in Australia. 27,300 cases of infection have been identified, a fraction of the number in many other countries.

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