Mayor Khan Wants to Ban Polluting Cars From All Over London


Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, wants to expand the low-emission zone existing in the inner cities to all parts of the British capital by the end of August and to exclude polluting cars as much as possible.


The Labor politician announced this on Friday. Hundreds of thousands of motorists are affected by the measure.

To be allowed to drive free in London when the low-emission zone is extended, petrol cars must at least meet the Euro 4 emission standard, diesel cars the Euro 6 standard and motorcycles the Euro 3 standard. Those who cannot prove this will pay a fee of 12.50 pounds per day.

“Air pollution is making us sick from the cradle to the grave, as research shows,” Khan said. He said that the zone’s expansion means five million people can breathe more air and live healthier lives.

He said that air quality has improved significantly in the zones where the rules are already in place. “We have no time to lose as lives are at stake and we face a climate crisis,” said Khan.

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