Macron Offers Johnson Reset of French British Relationship

French President Emmanuel Macron has reportedly offered British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to restore relations with Britain if Johnson sticks to the Brexit deals made with the European Union.


“The president told Boris Johnson that a reset of the Franco-British relationship was needed,” an insider told Reuters news agency. “This can happen provided he keeps his word to Europeans,” said the source, who also pointed out Macron spoke to Johnson in English.

Since Britain left the European single market at the beginning of this year, relations with the country bloc and France have deteriorated. Macron has emerged as the most outspoken critic of London’s refusal to honour Brexit deals surrounding Northern Ireland. There are already rumours that the conflict could turn into a trade war if the British continue to flout trade regulations.

The issue overshadows the G7 summit to be held in Cornwall this weekend. Johnson already spoke to Macron about the affair there. Later on Saturday, the British Prime Minister will also meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Probably the same topic will be discussed there. Whether the chats with Macron and Merkel have any effect remains to be seen. There is a good chance that Johnson will ignore any threats from the European side and will continue to ignore the provisions surrounding Northern Ireland unless the EU is willing to comply with British wishes.

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