Macron Day After Elizabeth’s Death: We All Feel A Void

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his appreciation for the late Queen Elizabeth in a video message to citizens of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth on Friday.


“We all feel an emptiness,” he says a day after her death.

“She was your queen for you. She was the queen for us. She will be with us forever,” Macron said. The head of government says he is grateful for her “deep affection” for France. “Elizabeth II mastered our language, loved our culture and touched our hearts.”

Macron states in the video that France had a “warm, sincere and loyal partnership” with the Queen and the United Kingdom. “Since her coronation, she knew and spoke to all of our presidents. No other country has had the privilege of welcoming her as often as we have.”

He closes the video by conveying his condolences to King Charles, the royal family, the British people and “all who loved and will miss the Queen very much”.

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