London Postpones Lifting Last Corona Rules Month

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is likely to postpone lifting the latest corona restrictions in England for a month due to the rapid spread of the so-called Delta variant of the virus.


According to the original schedule, the final easing would be on June 21, but British media report that that measure will be postponed until July 19.

The delay would be necessary to measure the effect of the infections on hospital admissions and give more people a second vaccination, The Guardian reported. Johnson’s Conservative Party MPs are said to have become increasingly pessimistic about the possibility of further easing. Johnson is expected to decide on Monday.

In the United Kingdom, more and more people are becoming infected with the Delta variant. This variant is diagnosed in 90 percent of the people who now test positive for the coronavirus. At the beginning of May, that was more than a quarter.

The Delta variant maybe 60 percent more contagious than the previously dominant Alpha variant. A total of 8,125 new corona cases were registered in the United Kingdom on Friday. That is the highest number since February.

Due to concerns about the new corona variant, travellers who arrive in the Netherlands from the United Kingdom from Tuesday must be quarantined.

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