Lack of Clarity in Venezuela: Was it Attack or a Gas Explosion?

The lack of clarity surrounding the alleged attack on Venezuelan President Maduro is increasing. While some anonymous firefighters say it was just a gas explosion in an apartment, there is also a group of soldiers who – even anonymously – claim the attack. Meanwhile, the opposition is being scolded.


Only the firefighters have some support for their claim in the form of images of a flat in the neighbourhood, where smoke from the broken windows can be seen. The soldiers who claim the attack did so via twitter.

They call themselves’ Soldiers in t-shirts’ and quickly announced after the explosion: ‘The operation was to fly two drones full of C4, aiming for the podium of the president.

Snipers took down the drones before they reached their target. We have shown that they are vulnerable. Today it did not work, but it is only a matter of time. ‘

Meanwhile, the opposition in the country fears that Maduro seizes the attack to attract even more power. They think that Maduro was speedy and without any substantiation of an attack and also knew exactly who was behind it.

“We warn that this confusion can be used as an excuse for even more repression.” The government has announced that six people have been arrested.

According to correspondent Sandra Korstjens, it is not clear what the most plausible thing is. “Another theory is that the government itself has put the attack on stage, which would make it even easier for President Maduro to tackle his opponents, but we must not forget that Maduro looks vulnerable because of these chaotic scenes. And it’s hard to believe that that’s been his intention. “

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