Journey of Pursuing Dreams Beyond Self

——New York Motion Designer and Animator Aurora (Xuchen) Wang

Aurora (Xuchen) Wang now works as a motion designer and animator in New York, USA, mainly responsible for designing and producing commercial advertisements and related video animations.

The year 2021 is an extraordinary one in which she made her mark in major competitions. Los Angeles Animation Festival (2021) | Bronze Award in Best Motion Graphics, Toronto International Women Film Festival (2021) | An award winner, New Wave Short Film Festival (2021) | Finalist in Best Animation, Toronto Indie Filmmakers Festival (2021) | Official selection & Screening, Venezia Shorts Italy (2021) | Official selection & Screening, New York Tri-State International Film Festival (2021) | Official selection & Screening, Tokyo International Short Film Festival (2021) | Finalist, etc. The unique story expression and lively animation design make her a serious and persistent Chinese girl, known and loved by people.

Aurora enjoys making short films with a colourful style, simple yet lively characters and a warm and vibrant tone. The audience can understand the interest of the whole animation from only one unique picture.

Beautiful Journey depicts a person who is attracted by the outside world and starts to explore the most precious things. When we were young, we were always attracted by the diversity of the world. We left home pursued many things in our whole life, such as success, money, wonderful travel and so on. However, we often ignore that the most important and ordinary thing is to accompany our family. After exploring the bizarre and noisy world, we will find that sometimes the simplest of family affection is also the most valuable.


Beautiful Journey


If you’re interested in Aurora’s work, please check out her website: Every flower and grass in nature, every movement and stillness, and living near nature can be reflected in her works Mate and Murk. Every collision of her thoughts is presented in the meticulous and warm animation, which brings people a different kind of thinking.


Beautiful Journey
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