Israeli Parliament will Vote for New Government on Sunday

Israel’s Parliament will vote on Sunday on the new coalition government without Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud party.


If there is a majority, the new government team will be sworn in the same day, parliament speaker Yariv Levin said, according to Israel’s military radio. The confidence vote and preliminary debate in Parliament were previously scheduled for Monday.

The new eight-party coalition government mostly agrees that the corruption-prosecuted right-wing Netanyahu should leave after 12 years. If there are enough votes, he will be succeeded by the right-wing Naftali Bennet, who, according to agreements, hands over the premiership to Yair Lapid of the centrist Future Party more than two years later.

The parties in the coalition are of diverse backgrounds. For example, intended Prime Minister Naftali Bennet is a pillar of support for settlers, while a party that stands up for Arab Israelis has also signed for the coalition. An important assignment is to make a budget in the first hundred days.

The political monster alliance against Netanyahu comes after four elections in two years. Netanyahu, 71, is still trying to undermine the coalition by getting parliamentarians to withdraw their support.

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