Israel wants to Ban News Channel Al-Jazeera

Israel wants to ban the Al-Jazeera news channel in Jerusalem. Also, the country is working to withdraw the accreditation of the working journalists and to ban the Israeli broadcasts based in Qatar.


Israeli communications minister Ayoub Kara announced the news on Sunday. Kara accused Al-Jazeera of supporting terrorist organizations.

Therefore, the channel is no longer welcome to Israel. According to Kara, the national cable channels support his proposal to remove the Arabic and English channels.

In order to be able to close the offices of the network, new legislation is required first. It is not yet clear when the government is banning the channel.

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he wanted to ban the sender, according to him, the transmitter warns the tensions about the holy places in Jerusalem.

“I have asked the authorities responsible for law enforcement several times to close their office in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu wrote on Facebook.

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