Israel Parliament Begins Session on Government Without Netanyahu

Israel’s parliament began a session on Sunday that should lead to a government coalition without Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Likud party.


At the end of the debate, which is expected to last for hours, a confidence vote on the new government without Netanyahu will follow. If the new coalition gains confidence, it will mean the end of the right-wing politician’s premiership after twelve years.

The new coalition consists of eight parties and has a possible minor majority in parliament, with 61 of the 120 seats. As a result, Netanyahu and his supporters have tried to undermine the monster alliance by urging right-wing parliamentarians to withdraw their support.

The bloc parties are mainly united by their desire to see Netanyahu, persecuted for corruption, leave. Right-wing, left-wing and centre parties participate. A party that stands up for Arab Israelis has also signed up for the coalition.

If parliament agrees, right-wing nationalist Naftali Bennett will be allowed to lead the country for two years. After that, his coalition partner Yair Lapid, centre politician and former TV presenter, will take office as Prime Minister.

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