Iraq Bloodbath: Dozens of Protesters Killed as Army Deploys South

Iraqi security forces today shot dozens of demonstrators. According to sources, at least 29 people died in the southern city of Nasiriya.


Two people also died in Najaf and four in the capital Baghdad. There would also have been a sharp shot at demonstrating citizens.

Security forces are said to have opened fire in Nasiriya on demonstrators blocking a bridge. Besides, many people were injured. Later thousands of people took to the streets to bury their dead. “We will stay until the regime falls and our demands are met,” they chanted.

Prime Minister Mahdi has meanwhile relieved the commander of his duties, who led the new crisis centre in Nasiriya. The area’s governor held General Jamil Shummary responsible for the violent action of the security forces. The governor would have threatened to resign himself if the appointment of Shummary were not reversed.

Large-scale protests
Iraq has been in the grip of massive protests for about two months. Hundreds of people died, and thousands were injured. On Wednesday, protesters set fire to the Iranian consulate in Najaf. Video footage shows that people cheer while the building goes up in flames.

Earlier this month, angry citizens had already attacked the Iranian consulate in Karbala. They blame the Shi’a regime in the neighbouring country for upholding Prime Minister Mahdi’s government.

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