Iran Threatens Retaliation If Israel Attacks Nuclear Targets

Iran may retaliate against Israeli attacks on its nuclear facilities with the destruction of Tel Aviv and Haifa, Iranian Defense Minister General Amir Hatami threatened in a speech on Sunday.


The general said, according to ISNA news agency, that “leaders of the Zionist regime (Israel) have recently issued new threats against Iran” that would indicate attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

According to Hatami, he is already under orders from the Iranian leadership to immediately retaliate with the bombing of the two coastal towns should such an Israeli attack occur.

Israeli defence minister Benny Gantz said in an interview on Thursday that Israel will attack Iranian nuclear targets on its own if the world does not stop Iran’s nuclear program. He said attack plans have been updated and targets selected to be attacked to halt Iran’s nuclear weapons program’s development.

Israel and the United States both have nuclear weapons and have long accused Iran of making nuclear weapons. Iran has always contradicted this and claims that it needs nuclear energy to meet the energy demand and to be able to export more oil. The plan to do so dates back to the 1960s when Iran began its nuclear program with US help.

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