Iran Released 54,000 Prisoners in the Fight Against Coronavirus

Iran releases 54,000 prisoners in the fight against the coronavirus. The risk of spreading in full prisons is too considerable, the authorities say.


The prisoners who test negative for the virus are temporarily released. Prisoners who have to sit for more than five years, stay behind bars anyway.

Iran today reported 835 new infections in the country. The outbreak in Iran has claimed the lives of more than 77 people in less than two weeks.

A total of 2336 people were infected, according to the Iranian Ministry of Health. Iran has the highest number of deaths after China, where the virus broke out. Among the infected persons is also several high-ranking officials.

Saeed Namaki, the health minister, announced that a large-scale campaign is starting in the country tomorrow, with teams also going to visit patients who suspect they have the virus but have no access to medical care.

The World Health Organization supports local health services; yesterday, experts arrived in Tehran to investigate the situation in the country. The WHO also sent medical devices and protective equipment.

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