Iran Persists: No Rocket Attack on Ukrainian Plane

Iran Persists, No Rocket Attack on Ukrainian Plane. The plane crash on Wednesday near Tehran is not caused by a rocket, according to the boss of the Iranian civil aviation authority.


During the disaster with the Boeing 737-800 of a Ukrainian airline, all 176 passengers were killed on Wednesday.

The United Kingdom and Canada said on Thursday that they had information indicating that the plane had been shot down with a rocket. There are also video images that show that a projectile is hitting the plane.

In the meantime, fingers are firmly pointed at, but there is still uncertainty about what exactly happened. While Western sources insist that they have strong indications that the aircraft was (possibly accidentally) knocked down by Iranian air weather, whether automated or not, Iran repeats that this is not the case.

The boss of the Iranian civil aviation authority Ali Abedzadeh just said: “One thing is sure. That device was not hit by a rocket. The information from the black boxes is essential in the investigation.

The boxes are still intact and are being examined. All conclusions drawn before the data from the black boxes are analysed are premature. “

The aeroplane may have crashed due to technical defects, Iran reported earlier. The Iranian news agency IRNA says that the black box is being opened today.

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