Iran Calls on Biden to Rejoin the 2015 Agreement

Iranian President Hassan Rohani has called on his new American counterpart Joe Biden to allow the US to return to the international agreement on Iran of 2015.

With the agreement, several significant powers have agreed with Iran that that country will limit its nuclear program and sanctions against Iran would be deleted.

But President Trump stepped out of that agreement in 2018 and actually tightened sanctions. The Iranian economy and healthcare are suffering from the many American sanctions that also hinder payments with Iran.

Rohani said his country would return to its 2015 commitments if the United States rejoins and lift the sanctions.” President Donald Trump’s political career is over today and his policy of ‘maximum pressure on Iran’ is a total failure, said Rohani.

Biden has previously indicated that he wants to approach Iran diplomatically again. The US has long accused Iran of wanting to make a nuclear bomb. Iran has always contradicted that.

Iran, which started its nuclear history with American aid as far back as the 1960s, states that it mainly needs nuclear energy.

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