Interesting Facts about Culture in Brazil


Brazilian culture is an amalgamation of various influences of the population. The first inhabitants of Brazil were the Indians. The influence they have had on the culture is reflected in the rich tradition of myths, rituals, cookery, vocabulary, music and dance. The Portuguese have affected the Brazilian culture. This is reflected in the architecture and art.

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America. The country has the most diverse climates in the world. There is no other country has so many different climates. The country is about 8.5 million square meters and has a population of over 170 million.

Yet it is true that the average population density is about 20 people per square meter. Indeed, there is the talk of urbanization. 78% of the population lives in a city. Many poor people were living previously in rural areas were the government, as it were forced to sell their small piece of land to large landowners.

The government was, in fact, working on a policy for economies of scale and therefore the small farmers could not survive. These farmers took their families to the city, mainly to the coast, to start a new life.

However, the city is not enough work and jobs for everyone and certainly not for the poor uneducated people. This has meant that poor people ended up in slums. This is a big problem. This is particular because they are still growing, but water supplies are poor and housing remains weak.

Brazilian culture is lively and artistic. There are many different forms of art and a huge variety of music and dance. There is the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Preparations for the carnival already taking place a year in advance. Also, football is very important in Brazilian culture.

In Brazil, there is a big difference between rich and poor. The income distribution is very different. A small part of the population is rich in large part arm and has a small portion of kingdom being very rich and the poor are very poor. Also, the difference in revenue and expenditure is very large. The minimum wage is around $250.

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