Indonesia Releases Iranian Oil Tanker After Four Months

Indonesia has released an Iranian oil tanker that was seized in January on suspicion of illegal oil transhipment in Indonesian waters.


The coastguard of Indonesia announced this. Iran said the ship will now resume its mission and then return home.

The tanker MT Horse was released Friday after a court ruled that the ship was allowed to go. According to the Indonesian authorities, the ship was involved in an illegal oil transfer with another oil tanker flying the Panamanian flag.

Identification systems were turned off, and oil flowed into the sea. Iran says the seizure was related to technical problems.

Iran is accused of concealing the destinations of its oil exports in connection with US sanctions against the country by turning off tracker systems on Iranian oil tankers.

The tanker MT Horse was used last year to transport more than 2 million barrels of oil from Iran to Venezuela. That country also faces US sanctions.

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