Indonesia Earthquake Shakes Lombok AGAIN as Island Hit by 6.3

Indonesia Earthquake Shakes Lombok AGAIN as Island Hit by 6.3. 124 kilometres northeast of the Indonesian island of Lombok, another earthquake has occurred.


It had a strength of 6.3, the US seismological institute USGS reported. The quake was at a depth of 1 kilometre.

Earlier Sunday, a quake with a force of 6.3 took place. The epicentre then lay at about 8 kilometres deep in the northeast of the island at the foot of the volcano Rinjani.

According to a spokesperson for the national disaster agency, there are no reports of damage or casualties. In the vicinity of the village of Belanting, landslides have developed, as can be seen on video footage of the Indonesian Red Cross.

Lombok, which lies to the east of the holiday island of Bali, has been hit by a series of earthquakes and aftershocks since July 29. On August 5, more than 460 people were killed by an earthquake with a force of 6.9 on the island.

It is feared that this figure will increase further. At least 1350 people were injured and more than 350 thousand homeless. The damage is estimated at more than 350 million pounds.

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