Indian Software Engineer Arrested Selling Live Sex Videos with Wife

Hyderabad India: police arrested a 33 aged software engineer man who continuously made a live coverage video of his sex life with his wife and uploaded the video over porn website.

Indian media reported that the suspect gone live over his laptop inside his bedroom while having sex with wife, without informing her regarding the video capturing of personal relation with husband.

Suspect was also receiving cash from the website as as reward of supplying the personal porn videos, this was exposed when a lady working in an IT company was informed regarding these videos by her friend, after watching this she reported in police station regarding the matter, and police arrested the man against this complaint.

Police revealed that man used a laptop camera by some software he recorded the porn footages, visibly he plays some movies over the laptop placed at table in front of his bed, to avoid any doubt by his wife.

He was registered over the porn site with whom he was working, police captured his mobile and laptop by which much evidences against him will make justice easy.

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