Hundreds of Flights Cancelled Due to Strike at German Airports


A strike at German airports again caused many disrupted and cancelled flights. Düsseldorf Airport expects that many of the 391 planned take-offs and landings cannot occur.


At Stuttgart airport, no regular passenger flights can take place at all, and Cologne-Bonn airport is cancelling 100 of the total 148 flights that were planned.

The latest ground crew strike affected an estimated 89,000 passengers. Employees at Cologne-Bonn airport already stopped work on Thursday evening. In Düsseldorf, the strike started in the night from Thursday to Friday at 03:00.

The Verdi union called for a new strike earlier this week. Earlier work interruptions also caused a lot of inconvenience to travellers at Düsseldorf airport, where many Dutch holidaymakers also boarded the plane. Verdi is involved in a long-running collective labour agreement dispute with employers about higher wages and improved working conditions for security guards and baggage handlers.

On Monday, air traffic in Germany was still severely disrupted by strikes by security guards at the airports of Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover and Bremen. As a result of these actions, many flights were cancelled, and tens of thousands of travellers were affected.

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