How to Check if Facebook Shared Your Data with Cambridge Analytica


How to Check if Facebook Shared Your Data with Cambridge Analytica. Facebook has launched a page that allows you to check whether your data has come into the hands of Cambridge Analytica. On this page you see the heading ‘Is my information shared?’. Below that is the message whether your private information was leaked to Cambridge Analytica without your knowledge.sold the data to Cambridge Analytica


In total, this involves 87 million users whose data was sent to the British data company. Most of them live in the United States, but there are also one million users in the Philippines, Indonesia and Great Britain whose data has been leaked.

The stolen data was collected on Facebook by an app called ‘This is Your Digital Life.’ That personality test not only read the data of the user who did the test but also of his or her Facebook friends.

A researcher paid 270,000 people to do the test and sold the data to Cambridge Analytica. That company collected the data and made voter profiles with it, which were used, among other things, by Donald Trump’s election campaign.

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