House Raid on Protesting Russian TV Journalist

Russian police raided the home of the TV journalist who became world-famous for disrupting a piece of news broadcast on Russian television with a protest against the war in Ukraine.


Marina Ovsyannikova, who has already been fined repeatedly for her criticism of the Russian army and the Russian invasion, has to reckon with a long prison sentence.

The raid may be a reaction to the journalist’s latest protest. In Moscow, near the Kremlin, the seat of government, she held up a placard that read: “Putin is a murderer; his soldiers are fascists.”

Ovshannikova accuses the authorities of intimidating opponents of the war. Since the attack commenced on February 24, the Russian government has approved several laws criminalizing criticism of the war.

The journalist disrupted a live broadcast of the state broadcaster she worked for in March by walking into the studio and shouting, “stop the war.” She also displayed a protest sign that said she couldn’t believe the state media’s propaganda. The employee of the station then resigned and briefly went abroad.

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