Great Things You May Want to Do in Palm Springs as A Tourist

For so many, Palm Springs is the number one resort that California has to offer. It is often bookmarked because of the wonderful poolside activities available, but there is so much more than can be done.

If you love mid-century architecture, you will love the one-story hideaways, and you will surely appreciate all the other things that are available for you. As you stay in luxurious Palm Springs vacation rentals and you appreciate the view, be sure that you make a plan of the things that you will do. Some recommendations are presented below.

Palm Springs

Ruddy’s General Store Museum
A general store is a blessing for those that reside in areas that are sparsely populated and that do not have many amenities. The desert region around the Coachella Valley and Palm Springs does fit exactly in this category.
The Ruddy’s General Store Museum is a really nostalgic celebration of staple American life. It is quite small but is a perfect recreation of a general store you would visit during the thirties. The store is complete with many authentic fixtures, products and signs. Everything is present in just one room. There are over 6,000 items that can be found at the museum, including hardware, tobacco, clothing, biscuits, medicines, soaps and various beauty aids.

The Monkey Tree Hotel
This is a private boutique hotel located in North Palm Springs. Albert Frey designed it in 1960, offering a history of a really illustrious clientele. Various distinguished names in history stayed there, like Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball, Gene Wilder, Katherine Hepburn and even Eric Clapton. Even President JFK and Marilyn Monroe stayed there in 1962.
Nowadays, the Monkey Tree Hotel is one of the finest possible boutique hotels in the country. It is completely restored, with all guest rooms being furnished with mid-century treasures. What you will particularly love is the courtyard with umbrellas and bright yellow furniture. Make sure you also enjoy the lap pool and the Scandinavian Spa, with a tremendous dry sauna.

Antique Galleries Of Palm Springs
Right in the back streets of the art districts of Palm Springs, you will find the Antique Galleries of Palm Springs. This place is a gem trove of oddities and curiosities, all enchanting those that visit. The galleries are housed in a warehouse, with the venue being divided into various distinct spaces, all curated by antique experts and artists. You will be able to enjoy Vintage appliances, retro furnishings, poker machines, film projectors, pinball machines and much more, all in a highly unique retail venue in the city.

This is an intriguing outdoor sculpture park that is located in the Movie Colony East neighbourhood. The attraction is simply unique, featuring so many lights, towering robots, all built from discarded electronics. You will love the park as it was originally intended as being an event just for the winter. However, it can be visited every single day of the year. Most installations have a theme that is related to Christmas, even if there is a sinister twist to many of them. For instance, you will see an interesting post-apocalyptic scene that features nuclear elves, with Santa’s sleigh being pulled by 12 robotic reindeer.

San Gorgonio Wind Farm Park

San Gorgonio Wind Farm Park
This park is located in Coachella Valley, a deep mountain pass that is located right on Palm Springs’ edge. We are talking about one of the largest of the nation’s wind farms, with over 4,000 separate windmills, all covering an area of 70 square miles. The electricity that is produced is enough to power most of Palm Springs and even some of the surrounding area. Turbines stand out as an attraction by themselves, and many local companies now offer park tours. Visitors can get really close to huge structures, including some historical windmills that were restored. You also learn a lot about renewable energy history.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
Palm Springs has natural scenery that can only be described as being dramatic. What more beautiful way to experience it than through an aerial tramway? Tourists can go up Chino Canyon, in the largest rotating tram car the world has to offer. Your cabin is going to offer a highly romantic and impressive intimate vantage point. If you want to make everything as romantic as possible, opt for packages that also include dining. Many men proposed here in a truly memorable way.

Living Desert
Visiting the huge desert around Palm Springs is a wonderful experience, but most tourists do not have time for that. If this is also your case, consider visiting the Living Desert, which is a truly remarkable botanical garden and zoo. It is found around 14 miles to the city’s southeast and represents deserts in both Africa and North America. You can visit around 1,200 acres of protected landscape, with 450 wild animals having their home there. Some live animal shows are held, and your children can enjoy the play park. Families love hiking trails, tranquil gardens, tram rides and model train exhibits.

Shields Date Garden
This is a popular venue that is not about dating. It is highly dedicated to date, which is a sweet fruit that is grown in some sunny climates from around the world. Many dates are grown on the site, including various ones that are not grown in other parts of the world. Shields Date Garden stands out as a simple goldmine of information when it comes to dates. Lectures and even slideshow presentations are held.

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