Google Makes It Easier to Remove Search Results With Personal Info


Soon it will be easier to delete a search result with personal information about yourself. They are options that already exist today but are becoming much more user-friendly.


Google collects almost all information on the public internet, but this sometimes makes it easy to look up someone’s personal contact information or other sensitive data. Until now, anyone who wanted to get such results from Google had to fill out a form, it wasn’t difficult, but it took several steps.

That will soon be a lot easier. According to 9to5Google, you will quickly have the option to immediately indicate in the Google app on Android that something contains personal information about yourself. The app will have a button with three dots (‘About this result’). You can immediately indicate that you want to delete the result in that menu.

The new method has yet to be rolled out, and it is unknown if and when it will also be available for Belgian users or if it will also be available in the browser or iOS.

Since this year, Google has been a lot more lenient in removing results that reveal personal information. Admittedly, Google’s action only prevents the page in question from appearing in the results. The site itself will remain available to those who visit it directly.

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